Generalist practice   in social work is an approach to client service that makes use of a variety of methods, schools of thought, and perspectives. The term describes social work practice that is not limited to only one method or point of view. Generalist social work practitioners stay informed of current research in their field, and they select methods that seem most appropriate to the different situations that their clients face.

For this Assignment,   select one of the case studies provided in the Readings. Consider different ways of describing generalist practice and how you might identify it in social work.

Submit by Day 5   a 2- to 3-page paper in which you address the following criteria:

 Create a definition of generalist practice using your own words. Identify at least three specific examples of generalist practices you see portrayed in your selected case study. Indicate the characteristics that make each an example of generalist practice. Explain the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of each example in terms of its benefit to clients.

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