week 6 disc

Observation of a Video Segment

Last week, you began building your skills in observation by observing a photograph and a public setting. This week, you will be performing a similar activity by observing a video segment. However, for this activity, you will look for something specific instead of generally observing everything. You will then share your results and compare notes with your classmates.

    Develop a question, such as a research question, or select something specific to focus your observation. For example, you may focus on how the participants interact with the setting, or how the participants interact with or react to one another.

Once you have selected a focus, observe the video segment. You may view the video segment more than one time, but you are not required to do so. For  the discussion thread for week 6, we will use the media element labeled “Corporate Meeting.” Once you have completed the observation, compare your observation experience this week (a focused observation) to the ones you completed last week (open observations). What are some best practices you have discovered? What techniques should you remember for future observations? What do you need to take into consideration while observing (the role of the researcher, context, environment, etc.)?

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 3, three paragraphs:
  Two paragraphs that include the statement or question that focused your observation of the video segment and the results of your observation   One paragraph comparison of the open observation techniques and considerations you used last week to the directed observation techniques and considerations you encountered this week.

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