ADHD Presentation

 Using what you have learned so far about ADHD and inclusion, you will create a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following scenario:

You have been asked by your administrator or director to give a 10-minute presentation to the school board regarding inclusion and ADHD. The board wants to know specifically how this ever-increasing population of students is assisted and supported in an inclusive setting in your school or center.

Your administrator has asked that the following be included:An explanation of the steps to follow when a parent of a child without an ADHD diagnosis is seeking a diagnosis (e.g. describe the checklist or rating scale you will use alongside the parent and physician).

An explanation of the federal laws associated with an ADHD diagnosis.

A discussion of how parents can be kept involved in their child’s learning once the child has been diagnosed by a physician, psychologist, or neuropsychologist.

An explanation of how students are specifically accommodated through the functional organization of the classroom. How students are supported through organization of classroom space and assignments.

How students are supported in the delivery of instruction.

A discussion of the importance of a schedule (including how you provide breaks for a child with ADHD).

A description of the brain regions, neurotransmitters, and physiological symptoms associated with ADHD.

A discussion of how children with ADHD are encouraged to participate in lessons.

A sample of how children are assisted with self-monitoring (e.g. a behavior checklist).

A specific example of how a child is supported by using David (figure 5.8) as the model. Summarize this child’s support.

A specific example of a brain-based learning strategy that can be used in the classroom.

A discussion of information that is used to help students at home (e.g. assignment agenda).

This PowerPoint should be 10 to 12 slides in length, not including the title and reference slides. You are encouraged to creatively address the material by including graphics, charts, graphs and/or sound. This presentation must be formatted according to APA style, including the title and reference slides and citing within slides when applicable. The notes section of the PowerPoint should be utilized to show your presentation points (i.e. the talking points when presenting this to the board). You must use at least three scholarly resources and the course text

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