autoethnography Research

Using autoethnography in a qualitative research,  consider a resident of Sedgwick County, Colorado community to be the researcher of this study? Over the past 16 years, only two building permits for new housing construction have been issued in Sedgwick County, Colorado. This is consistent with the depopulation (particularly of younger persons) and economic diminution that is attributed to a declining rainfall since the 1970s. These are quantitative details. It is unclear how much of the depopulation was due to perceived opportunities elsewhere, to copycat or fad behavior, and to perceived change in local economic opportunity.  This is the only situation where the researcher can offer his/her own perspective as data for the study. How does the researcher guard against the limitations of his/her existing bias? How does he/she make sure that the data collected will be informative to a larger audience? [250 words, 2 references, 2 Intext Citations, Original Writings only]











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