Case Study (4)


In order to prepare for their futures, teachers who have the goal of becoming educational administrators will benefit from analyzing cases that represent different types of problems occurring in the school. The problems addressed in each of the cases is intended to stimulate discussion, encourage problem solving and to promote interest in research needed to advance an understanding of the content and problems introduced.


The following steps are to be utilized in analyzing the cases assigned in this course:

1.     1. Summarize the case.


2.    2.  Identify the problem in a SINGLE SENTENCE.


3.    3.  Select specific information from the case and categorize it according to people, place or program.


4.     4. Review and prioritize the information.


5.     5. Refer to the data in each category to solve the problem identified in the case and respond to the case study questions

Each case offers a different background with a unique problem to solve. Depending on the specifics of the case it is possible that the most significant data are either concentrated in one of the three categories (people, place, and program) or contained in a combination of two or more categories.




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