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Case Study Paper Instructions

You will create an intervention plan for a hypothetical child. It is recommended that you use a case study in the textbook as a starting point. Select a disability which interests you or with which you feel called to work. Use the textbook and peer-reviewed research to address the following areas in relation to the disability: etiology, prevalence, characteristics, prognosis, and social dynamics. Discuss the child and family characteristics (e.g., risk and protective factors); the specific disability chosen; research on recommended intervention approaches; and how you will work with the family to set, measure, and assess goals at the child and family level. Include the primary concerns to be addressed, justifying your choices with research. Set goals for the child, being sure to review the format requirements detailed in the document “Article: IEP Helpful Hints.” Include a conclusion and future recommendations.

Include a title page, an abstract page, at least 13 full pages of content, and a reference page. The completed project must be 15–20 pages. Additional creative graphics or tables that you find helpful may also be included (in addition to the 15 pages). This assignment must be in current APA format and must have a minimum of 5 current (2010–present publication dates), peer-reviewed/scholarly resources. The list of sources on the reference page must exactly match the sources cited in the text of the paper. Completion of the assignment will improve research and communication skills while increasing your knowledge of a disability of special interest.

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