Hot 3 Hour turnaround

Discussion 1 – Discuss the article in 100 – 150 words

Article: Possible cure for depression?



Discussion 2 – Discuss the article in 100-150 Words

CNS Pain Modulation

Here is a link to a short video that is a great depiction of pain control in the body:



Discussion 3 – Answer the following in 100-150 Words


Some people with a mental illness know they are experiencing a hallucination or delusion.  They can experience it as real, and still know it’s not grounded in reality.  The ability to do this is called “insight” – an awareness of their symptoms and reality.

 The more insight a person has, typically the better success treatment has.

 Another difference is that you and I don’t continually experience these hallucinations – they are rare and fleeting.  A person with a mental illness experiences them more often and for longer periods of time.



Discussion 4 – Answer the following in 100-150 Words


One of the hardest parts about working with people is that you don’t always get to see change in a person’s life. There will always be client’s who come and go through your office. Some who get better, some who get worse, and some who stop coming. You never really know what happens.

You have to find a way to be OK with this. You can’t live and die by your client’s actions. Their successes are theirs. Their mistakes are theirs. We are there to support them.

You never know what you said or did to help someone. Years down the road your actions might affect them in a positive way.

Keeping that in mind helps me in both my professional and personal life. I may have planted a seed. I just might not get to see it bloom – but I have to keep on planting!


Discussion 5 – Answer the following in 100-150 Words

Thinking About Mental Illness

How has this course (abnormal psychology) changed your thinking about mental illness?

Discussion 6 – Answer the following in 100-150 Words


As an Addiction Counselor how could you utilize the information in this course (abnormal psychology)  in the real world? 

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