HOT – DUE SATURDAY – Psychology Paper and Power Point

Worksite Development Paper and Presentation


Develop a 1,400- to 1,800-word workable plan to improve the emotional skills and competencies of people in one of the team member’s place of employment.  A minimum of two scholarly references are required. Dictionaries can be used; however they do not count as one of the required two scholarly references.

Develop a 10- to 15-minute presentation using 8- to 10-PowerPoint(r) slides.


I Dont have our company name that we are working with, all I know is that the company works with people with mental disabilities.


Title of the Presentation:

Using Emotional Intelligence to Improve Communications in the Workplace


This allows  us to take The 5 Emotional Intelligence topics and apply it to the paper and to the slide show.  


1. Self-Awareness

2. Emotional Self-Regulation,

3. Emotional Self-Motivation

4. Empathy

5. Nurturing Relationships

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