Personality – Psychology Majors – MUST BE DONE IN 2 HOURS FROM ACCEPTING PROJECT



The psychoanalytic theory all makes sense for the most part. The list of all of the defense mechanisms stands out to me, especially the displacement mechanism. I can highly relate that to myself and others during college. Since I’m currently rooming with five other guys, things can get a little tense and we all like to take anger out at the gym, instead of beating each other up. So I can see how people can use the displacement mechanism as a way to defend themselves and others from anxiety.


If I had to define myself with one of the big fives, I would choose the agreeable category. I pretty much agree with everything as long as it makes sense, and I normally try to see other people’s viewpoints on debatable situations. I normally never tell someone that they are wrong because we all have our opinions on a matter (and within reason, there is never a wrong answer on debates), and I suppose that’s why my suitemates like to say that I’m “super chill”. And if I had to describe my suitemates, I would argue that they are agreeable, with some being extraverts.


If I were to define myself based off of what William Sheldon thought, which was that people had predetermined personalities based off of body size, then I would be considered as an introvert. While I do believe that I “think outside the box” sometimes, I believe that there is a better, more accurate way to describe me. This is where anyone can clearly see the disadvantages of Sheldon’s theory; it is based off of physical appearance as opposed to what I truly think of myself. I can’t imagine Sheldon’s theory having any advantages over the big five. Our textbook even states that “well-controlled studies later found the correlations between Sheldon’s body types and personality traits to be weak or nonexistent”, which further indicates the unreliability of using the approach.


I believe that personalities are very little “biologically fixed”, and most of personalities are constructed through the surrounding environment. Environmental factors like parenting, neighborhood, and friends can shape someone’s character.



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