PSYC101–APUS Forum 5

A great deal of controversy has surrounded the phenomenon of “false memory syndrome” and the implications that this has had in our society, particularly in legal realm. One of the most influential psychologists in the area of memory and eye witness testimony is Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, who has spent three decades as a research psychologist and memory expert in legal cases. To learn more about the controversy surrounding “false memory syndrome,” visit the  Online LA Weekly site at  to read the article, “Memory and Manipulation.”

Based on your reading of this article and information in the course textbook, respond to the following questions:

Why is human memory subject to error?

What might influence human memory?

In light of the points that the Loftus article brings up, what kind of implications do the limitations of human memory have on eye-witness testimony?

Discussion Forum General Instructions: 

The following are instructions for all of your discussion Forum assignments except Week 1 which requires longer posts. These instructions will be included at the end of the topical instructions on each discussion Forum for your reference.

One “Initial Post” in response to your instructor’s instructions (located on the Discussion Forum in your online classroom) is due by Wednesday by 11:55p.m., Eastern Time (ET). This post must be a minimum of 400 words. A minimum of two replies to classmates’ post of your choice are due no later than Sunday by 11:55p.m. ET. Each of the two replies must be a minimum of 250 words. Point assignment is based on these requirements and the Discussion Forum rubric located under the classroom Assignments link.

Because scholarly discussion and related student interaction within a college learning community are such essential aspects of online education, participation is graded and required. Discussion assignments are graded directly from the Forum where they must be posted to be viewable by everyone in the class. Attachments or other copy forms sent to your instructor cannot be graded.  

Discussion Forum “initial posts” must be based on factual information, using the textbook for this class as your primary resource. Other scholarly sources in addition to the course textbook may also be used but these do not replace the textbook as the required primary source of information. Be sure to properly cite and reference your source in your discussion comments. To assist you with APA citation and referencing, a folder titled “APA Formatting Guides” is available in the classroom Resources folder. Discussion Forum posts will be graded on verbal expression, critical thinking, making an effort to not just participate in but contribute to the dialog with posts of a substantive nature that show thoughtful consideration of classmates’ comments rather than “I agree with you” type commentary or that which reiterates ideas already posted by fellow learners. Posts must have correct grammatical construction, spelling, and punctuation with no texting style, slang or other informal language. A grading rubric below details specific grading criteria.

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