Research paper on Opiate Addiction and its treatment/Topic Summary (2 projects)

A.       Each student will complete a research project on the chosen topic consisting of 2 pieces: 1) a Research Paper (20%, 100 points, due Friday, March 15), 2) a Topic Summary Whitepaper (10%, 50 points, due Friday, March 15), that will serve as a presentation to your classmates.

1)      The Research Paper will be 5-8 double-spaced pages using APA format in 10-12 point font.  You will need to include at least 3 outside journal or book sources cited within your report, appropriately cited, with a reference page.  I do not want you to just copy material from the text book, but rather bring in other sources to add new content to the paper; please no Wikipedia or similar citations.  The research paper will contain the following:

i)        A description of causes, common symptoms, and prognosis

ii)      Common treatment options

iii)    Brief description of potential psychosocial impact (vocational, independence, self-esteem, family, social connections, etc.)

iv)    Analysis of functional limitations and accessibility barriers to employment and independent living

v)      A review of potential accommodations and assistive technology options for overcoming barriers.

2)      The Topic Summary Whitepaper will summarize your research into this topic, plus add a list of resources relevant to the topic.  It should be 2-3 pages single spaced using 10-12 point font.  This can use narrative, bulleted formats, or outline formats to summarize the topic.  This is a chance to present the topic to your classmates in a condensed form so we can each learn from one another’s research.  These summaries will be presented to the class during the second half of the semester for comments within the discussion board.  The 2-3 page summaries must contain the following:

i)        A heading naming the specific chronic illness or disability

ii)      A brief description of cause, symptoms and prognosis

iii)    Common treatment options

iv)    Functional limitations (bullets work well here)

v)      Very brief highlights of potential psychosocial impact (vocational, independence, self-esteem, family, social connections, etc.)

vi)    Potential accommodations or assistive technology options (bullets work well here)


vii)  A bulleted list of resources related to this disability in the community (local, state, national, advocacy organizations, rehabilitation facilities, informational websites, dedicated journals, etc.). Please include web links or phone numbers when applicable.

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