Stage 6 Lesson plan-Differentiate to meet the needs of all learners



For this assignment, think about how you would differentiate a Kindergarten reading lesson about authors and illustrators to meet the needs of all learners in your classroom (this includes physical and learning disabilities, behavior disorders, gifted students, and ESL students, as well as the different learning modalities: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic). Explain how you will modify your instruction, activities, or assignments to meet the needs of each type of learner. (Do not depend on having aids or tutors to help you). Be specific in the description of your differentiation so it is clear why you are doing this and how it will benefit each learner. Follow the tips below for each type of learner:  Also, it is most helpful if you you list the types of learners just like I did below and give your modification for each one.

     Gifted: Gifted students resent having more work to do just because they understand the concepts more readily. Instead, try giving them an alternate activity/assignment that is more challenging and allows them to reach the higher order thinking skills.

     LEP: These students typically have language barriers. Think about how you can adjust your instruction, activities, or assignments to better help them understand .

     LD, ED, ADD: Many times, students in this group are dealing with behavior issues. How can you align your instruction, activities, or assignments to best meet their needs?

     Multicultural Connections: The students in your class will most likely represent more than one culture. How can your lesson, activities, or assignments help include the value of all cultures?

     Learning Styles  (Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic): Each one of these has specific needs. Think through what you could modify in your lesson to accommodate them.

     Multiple Intelligences: How will you modify your instruction, activities, or assignments to best enhance these important areas?


When you have completed the diversity/differentiation section, submit Stage 6 via the assignment link provided in Blackboard. 


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