Two assignment


These are two different assignments and due by 8pm

Forum 1:  Water, major electrolytes, and trace minerals. Need   500 Words

Topic 1:   (This is located on page 513 of your textbook.)  Lieu is a vegetarian.  She stopped eating meat and dairy products when she was 15 years old. She does eat fish and eggs, though, along with a variety of other foods. Lieu is now 28 years old and wants to start a family.  What minerals should concern her?  What should she do make sure her intake is adequate?  

Forum 2:  Nutrition Labels Need 500 Words Title: What should be on the label?

You have learned what is required on a food label.  Now it is time to think beyond what is required by law.  What else would you like to have included on the label?  Be creative.  We may not have discussed what you want included. Do not state something that is already required to be on a food label.  Be sure to support your response with at least one source that is not the class textbook or required readings.


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