APA reaction paper

Your paper must : Be typed using 12 point font and double spaced.  It should have a proper APA title page and reference page if you cited any references. APA format will be the only format accepted for referencing. Use the writting lab for help with APA.




View the following video titled: Elizabeth Loftus: The Fiction of Memory

Here’s the YouTube link in case the hyperlink above does not work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PB2OegI6wvI 


Your task is to write a 3-4 page reaction paper (1000 words minimum) to this video and Elizabeth Loftus’s theory of False Memories. Your text also discusses False Memories on pages 236-237. You can also do additional research online on False Memories and the Misinformation Effect. Consider False Memories as it relates to Eye Witness Testimony as well. 


Please do not use wikipedia!!!!

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