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Research Development Worksheet

Part I


A construct is a concept, idea, or condition requiring study. The following table provides information on either a construct, scale of measurement, or justification of how the scale of measurement measures a construct. Complete the blank cells. In those rows that are missing a specific construct, look up the method of measurement and identify what construct you believe is being measured. Within the empty cells in column two, find a popular way that each construct is measured, such as a scale, questionnaire, survey, and so on. In column three, provide a justification for what is being measured. In the last row of this table, choose one construct on your own and fill in the remaining columns. All of the constructs and scales of measurement chosen can be identified using any search engine.



Scale/Method of Measurement



Beck Depression Inventory




Instrument measures two specific types of anxiety, state and trait anxiety, and their effects on everyday functioning.


Measure of diastolic and systolic blood pressure




Instrument measures symptoms of distress and other symptoms that have been identified within the research literature that are commonly found in individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Marital Satisfaction

ENRICH: Marital Satisfaction Scale



Woodcock–Johnson Tests of Achievement, Third Edition



Stanford Binet Intelligence Scale, Fifth Edition



Part II


1.        Choose two constructs from the list. Develop a research question using the information you have developed (such as “How does sunlight affect depression?”).




2.        In 200 to 350 words, discuss why it is necessary to operationalize variables for the purpose of research.

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