Psychological Factors in Pain (2 parts)

(Part One) Choose one of the following activities, and then write up the answers to the questions and your reflections on word doc as directed below:Observe someone with a chronic illness in their natural environment. What are some of the characteristics that you observe? Are they comfortable or in pain? Try to focus in on their language, social communication, behaviors and motor skills. What did you learn by completing this observation?Watch a movie where one of the characters portrays someone with a chronic illness. What are some of the characteristics that you observe? Give some examples of what you have observed in the following areas: language, social communication, sensory needs, behaviors and motor skills. Did you learn anything new from completing this observation?

(Part Two) It is known that the onset of a chronic illness creates a crisis. This starts a cycle of social and emotional issues. How would you as the counselor help a client start to deal with a chronic illness? What interventions would you use to help the person adapt to the illness and live a productive life in spite of the illness? What type of support services would you recommend to your client? Discuss why these support services would be important and how they can help the person to start living life again. (250 words)

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