Abnormal Psychology- Research Paper — NEED 100% Original PAPER, NO PLAGERISM (RUBRIC ATTACHED)





The projects are to be based on your favorite psychological disorder. Please choose ANY disorder from the DSM-5 that is listed in your textbook. (BIPOLAR DISORDER, GENERALIZED ANXIETY DISORDER, OCD, PTSD, ANOREXIA NERVOSA, BULIMIA NERVOSA, ETC…) 


This project is to be written from the first person perspective of someone who has been diagnosed with one of these disorders. (You are the person with the disorder!!) Get creative!!!!!  You may write in a journal format, a letter format, a speech, or another format of your choice. You may step out of character occasionally to explain something and must  step out of character to explain your personal views.


v   Projects must  include all of the following and will be graded on content and accuracy: **FOLLOW CRITERIA**

1.       First Person format.

2.       Symptoms the person is experiencing. 

3.       Diagnostic criteria (DSM 5) of the person’s disorder.

4.       Possible causes and contributions to the individual’s disorder.

5.       Treatments that the person has tried. Include what works and what doesn’t, and possible treatment options available.

6.       Day-to-day experiences that your person deals with. (What you are dealing with)

7.       Your personal views on this disorder and why you chose the disorder. (You MUST step out of character for this step)

8.       Citations must be included for ANY  information that comes from any source other than your own memory bank. Must be in APA format.

9.       References (You will need to consult at least 5 references. (You may include your text; Wikipedia is not a valid source!) Must be in APA format.

10.    Projects need to be at least 5 pages in length, but not more than 10 , not including the title or reference pages 

11.    Projects need to be in FULL APA format , this includes a title page . Papers do not need an Abstract.


v   Research Projects need to be typed (10-12 pt. standard font, double spaced).

v   Proof your work; spelling, grammar and proper sentence structure are important.


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