Addiction Paper

To better understand how addictions affect us psychologically please participate in the following activity. Pick one thing you are addicted to and abstain (give it up cold turkey) from it for three days (72 hours), this can be coffee, soda, candy, cigarettes, a favorite TV show, ice cream, your cell phone, social media, video games, Angry Birds, Farmville etc.


The item you choose can be anything you want that you use as a source of stress relief or comfort.


Please do not try to do this assignment by giving up something that is more like a bad habit, for example biting your nails, cussing, ect.


If you relapse within the first 24 hours please start the project over and record your reactions.


Keep a journal of your physical , emotional , and psychological responses during the three days. For your assignment complete the following 5 sections: The total assignment should be approximately 4-5 pages, double spaced.


1.      Introduction: Tell me what you picked and why you picked it. Any fears you have about giving it up and how you think you are going to respond.

2.      Day one: reactions, problems, relapses ect.

3.      Day two: reactions, problems, relapses ect.

4.      Day three: reactions, problems, relapses ect.

5.      Conclusion: Tell me your overall feelings about this experience

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