I have provided my annotated biblography for the topic i choose, please use it.


For this assignment you will submit a 12 – 14 page paper, not including the title and reference pages,that critically analyzes evidence-based, peer-reviewed literature relevant to the course focus, crisis and emergency intervention.   The paper will include brief summaries of the 8 – 10 articles focused on a topic in common retrieved from the APUS Online Library and described briefly in an Annotated Bibliography, the latter of which will be submitted separately by the end of Week 4 of the course. Points possible for the Annotated Bibliography are part of the total paper points.  Papers submitted without it having been turned in by the Week 4 as required will receive a 25% point deduction before review and grading for the other paper requirements noted below.  The article summaries in this paper must be logically connected with clear articulations of how they are related to one another. This is done via transition statements between descriptions of the various summaries such that the paper interweaves all the articles into a coherent and well-articulated review of scholarly publications related to the selected paper topic focus. For example, after one article summary, the statement, “Related research conducted by Jones (2011) showed that…” would be an effective means of connecting it to another summary. The paper will end with a minimum of two substantive paragraphs summarizing points made and articulating suggestions for future research directions arising from the article reviews. This assignment submission will be evaluated based on: The degree to which the article summaries are related and truly integrated within the paper; lack of supporting evidence of actual connections between the articles will result in a significant point deduction. The inclusion of two required conclusion paragraphs that not only summarizes points made in the paper but also suggests directions for future research based on the articles reviewed. Evidence of academically mature insight and use of critical thinking skills in analyzing and relating the articles. Clear and thorough articulation of the paper’s key points. Compliance with APA paper formatting and source crediting standards. Paraphrasing of materials read with no copying word-for-word from them permitted. Minimal to no grammar, spelling or basic writing errors

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