Community Services

For this assignment, complete and submit a PowerPoint presentation on the selected agency/organization. Include the following in your presentation:Identify the agency/organization and describe its mission statement.Describe the role or position of the human services professional interviewed.List and describe the range or types of services the agency/organization provides.Describe the population the agency/organization serves and explain the broader social needs and issues that affect this population.Describe how the agency/organization is staffed and its funding sources.Recommend training for staff based on analysis of information. Make sure you address ethical standards specific to the population/s they serve.Focusing on the population of clients served at the agency/organization, describe what you have learned about how those clients are influenced or affected by events and decisions at 1) the selected agency/organization, 2) your local community, 3) national or global society.Explain whether you would want to work at the agency and, if yes, the position you would like to hold and why.( Yes, I would work for this organization. I was a victim of domestic violence. My story of being a victim can impact other victims seeking help)Describe what you have learned about yourself in the context of completing this assignment (your preconceptions, experiences, and insights about certain populations, services, or agencies).Use the PowerPoint notes feature to include comprehensive speaker notes for your presentation. Include your references on one slide. Include graphs and tables where appropriate .

Develop an 7-slide presentation in PowerPoint format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources

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