Current Issue Critical Thinking


need to be at least 250 words|APA| Due on 9/20/2014 by 13:00


Read the following excerpt from “Understanding Digital Kids (DKs): Technology & Learning in the New Digital Landscape ,” an article regarding learning today:Recently, there were two recent cover stories in Time Magazine: Their conclusion was that children today are different. In fact, based on what we now know from the neurosciences and psychological sciences, what we’re now beginning to understand is that children today are FUNDAMENTALLY different than we are in the way they think, in the way they access, absorb, interpret, process and use information, and in the way they view, interact, and communicate in the modern world because of their experiences with digital technologies. If this is the case, it holds profound implications for all of us personally and professionally (Jukes, 2008, p. 14).

Reflect on this selection and respond to the following questions:What are your thoughts on this statement?Do you feel today’s learner has a different way of learning than in the past?  Defend your position.In your future role, how will you use this information?What implications does this have for your future role?

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