For Wizard Kim: Reflection



Society will probably never be without crime. Crime affects everyone, either directly or indirectly. As professionals, you need to be aware of your own prejudices, biases, and personal values. Perhaps there were times throughout the course when you were struck by a particular crime report. Perhaps information you learned in the course changed the way you view offenders or victims. At the end of the course, you have an opportunity to reflect on what you have learned and how this new information will shape you, professionally and personally.


Reflect on all your readings and assignments in this course and address the following:

 How will you apply the principles you have learned in this course in your professional career? Give specific examples. Which assignments caused you to confront your own personal values and biases? What did you learn from the experience?


Write your initial response in 2–3 paragraphs. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.


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