Infant and Toddler Development

Subject: Research and report on a controversial topic in the field of infant and toddler development.


Objective: Demonstrate the ability to research a controversial topic in the field, and come to an evidence-based conclusion.



Description of assignment: Choose a controversial topic that interests you from this course.  Find two academic articles (not websites or popular publications), published after 2005, that take opposing views on this topic.  Describe the issue, and explain why it is controversial.  For each article, describe: The author(s)’ position How the author justified his or her position The conclusion the author(s) reached Any biases you think the article may have Identify the two articles, the author(s) and the date of publication, both in the body of the paper and in an attached Reference list Describe and justify your opinion on this topic, now that you have researched it.


Format and Length: Word document with separate title page and reference list, not included in the word count;
1200-1500 words


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