Please See Below

Go to this link and watch the video:

Pass or Fail in Cambodia Town (Links to an external site.)

After viewing the video and reading the chapter, answer the following questions:Identify some of the problems that you identified with the educational system in place for the population in this video.Discuss the connection between socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, and the educational system. Use examples from the video the justify your answer.Tell us your opinion about the educational system in Houston (or wherever you went to high school). Use your experience to explain your perspective. ( e.g. Did you see evidence of an achievement gap (between the rich and poor, or between neighborhoods when you were in school).Include references to the talks by Ken Robinson and Sugata Mitra.

Minimum 400 words. Be sure to answer all questions completely and include references to the text and other scholarly references. 

Don’t forget to respond to at least 2 of your classmates with substantive comments or information that adds to the conversation. Check the discussion rubric to be sure that you have met the minimum requirements.

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