Psychology part 2

2nd part of psychology. (same article from part  1)


N one of the following items can be adequately addressed in fewer than 100 words.   You answers must be articulated in complete thought sentences and not include lists, bulleted items or sentence fragments.




ARTICLE SUMMARY – 40 points possible

1.  Introduction (also referred to as lead-in information)
In the space below summarize the key introductory points made in the beginning of your selected article Note:  In some articles this information is under the heading “Introduction” and in others it is not, but every article will contain “lead-in” introductory information.  


2.  Research Methods

a. Describe the research design that your selected article’s author(s) used in conducting the study (Ex: survey or inventory, individual or group interview, case study, laboratory controlled or naturalistic observation). 

b. Identify by name in the space below any specific measures (surveys, inventories, tests, etc.) used by your selected article’s author(s) in the study (Ex: the Psychological Distress Symptom Checklist; the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory; the Attitudes about Seeking Professional Psychological Help Survey; or measures developed by the article author[s]).

c. Describe in the space below characteristics of the participants (sometimes called “subjects”) involved in the research study conducted by the author(s) of your selected article.  Examples of this type of information include:  The number of persons who participated; participant demographics (age, gender, race and ethnicity, college or employment status, geographic location); whether participants were paid to participate in the study or if no compensation was provided to them for their participation

3.  Findings/Analysis
a. Identify in the space below the types of statistical analyses used by the author(s) of your selected article Note:  You are likely not at this point in your college career an expert on statistical analyses but don’t have to be in order to complete this portion of the assignment which only requires listing them by name. 


b. In the space below, summarize the research findings (often referred to in articles as “results”) of the study conducted by the author(s) of your selected article.


4.  Conclusion/Discussion
Summarize in the space below the conclusions reached by the author(s) of your selected article.  Note: These may be found under the heading “Conclusion” or “Discussion” or in paragraphs near the end of the article and are based on the research findings of the author(s) of your selected article.

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