Styles of Parenting

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The following assignment is based off of this information:

All three scenes depict a 16 year old teen sneaking out of his house. In the first scenario he is caught by his parents as he is sneaking back into his room. Hi s parents immediately begin to scold him and tell him that he’s grounded for a month for breaking the curfew they set. This style of parenting is autocratic.

The second scenario depicts him sneaking out and then back into his room successfully. His parents are sitting at breakfast the following morning debating on whether or not to go wake him up because it is already noon. They decide not to because they recall that he gets upset when they don’t let him sleep in on the weekends. They remain unaware that he had snuck out of the house the evening before and let him remain sleeping. This style of parenting is permissive.

The final scenario shows his parents sitting on a couch waiting up for him. They ask if they think they should go back and check on him again. When they enter his room they find him tucked in bed and wake him up. They tell him they had been checking his room every 15 minutes because he did not return home upon the time of his curfew and have been worried sick about him. They then tell him that it is very late and they will discuss it in the morning. The following morning they sit down to breakfast and talk about what happened the night before and explain to him their point of view. They remind him that he is only 16 and that they all agreed on a set curfew time. They ask him his reasoning for sneaking out and tell him that he can have his friends over after his curfew so long as they are quiet. They then tell him his punishment is no going out for two weeks. He reluctantly accepts the punishment but understands where his parents are coming from. This style of parenting is authoritative. 


1. In 5-7 sentences recall a similar experience described in the scenarios with your parents or caregivers (or if you prefer you may describe a sibling or friend’s experience). Describe the style of parenting and how you felt now and then about the experience. Describe the type of limits, consequences, punishments, encouragement, democratic guidance (communication and discussions), and/or rewards.

(PLEASE feel free to make any/all of this up. It is entirely opinion based so just focus on fully answering all parts of the question)

2. Research has found that different styles of Parenting lead to different developmental outcomes in children and adolescents (see the Process of Parenting). Discuss how your (or a sibling a friend’s) childhood/adolescence experiences and the developmental outcomes that have influenced and impacted your life and decisions you have made regarding involvement in sports, work/careers, school, friends, and/or community involvement.

Your participation grade will be based on the QUALITY of your message board postings responses. Your initial post (answering the topic questions) should have a MINIMUM of 250 words. Attention the following is Mandatory:  Refer to our 2 books and include at least 3-4 quotations  in your initial post and 2-3 quotations  in your response post from our textbooks.   Only posts that include the name of the author and page number at the end of the quotations (and include quotation marks) will receive points .   Paraphrased information should be used to augment your posts.  Specifically, “yes/no” or “I agree” are NOT ACCEPTABLE. Detailed, well thought out responses are ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED. Reference to material and information provided from the text and other credible online psychology sources such as articles MUST be used to supplement your comments.

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