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1. Discuss how culture impacts one of the following: Temperament, attachment, or morality.

2.  How does the Western definition of intelligence differ from that of other cultures?

3.  The reading made some interesting points. I agree. Personal space differs across genders and is impacted by the culture. In Asian and Arab cultures it is common for friends (all men) to hold hands while doing things or sitting together. This really shows the differences of boundaries across cultures. In the U.S. you would rarely see this in male friendships; however it may be more common in female friendships. Male friends may at times even make personal space greater. For example, if 2 male friends go to a movie they will often leave an empty chair between them. The other interesting thing, is that while male friends may hold hands in Asia, public displays of emotion between a women and a man are not encouraged and may be seen has a sign of disrespect. This is strange to those in the U.S., as often public displays of emotion and the lack of personal space in couples are the norm. Additionally these public displays of emotion may sometimes be excessive to others.

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