ethical teaching and supervison


During the course of your career, you will most likely take the role of both supervisee and supervisor. Just as there are ethical codes, principles, and standards for the treatment of human subjects, there are ethical expectations for professional oversight. Psychology professionals in research and other settings benefit from becoming familiar with common ethical dilemmas and examples of professional oversight and how ethical principles relate to them




Read the interactive media titled “The Lab.”  below. Take the role of Aaron Hutchinson, the principal investigator. Write a two paragraph description of one of the principal investigator’s ethical dilemmas related to professional oversight depicted in the media titled “The Lab” and explain why it is a dilemma. Using specific references to the media as well as your Learning Resources explain which ethical principle is most relevant to the dilemma and describe how you would ethically resolve the situation.






U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (Producer.) (2001). The lab: An interactive video on avoiding misconduct.


Washington, DC: USDHHS: Office of Research. 


Retrieved from




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