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Okay here is the week 7 assignmentWeek 7 Theoretical Framework Clarification

You need actual explanatory theories, not just prior empirical findings as the foundation for your research. So the theoretical framework section needs to describe a specific social-psychological theory or theories (with appropriate citations) and how it relates to expectations or explanation of the conjectured relationship between the independent and dependent variables of your proposed study. For example, in a classic scenario in which an IV is expected to have an effect on a DV, you need to present a theory that explains, at least in part, why the IV is expected to affect the DV.


If you do not have an explanatory theory already in mind, it might be useful to explore or  


Because the theory relates to the variables being studied, hypotheses, problem statement, and the like, it should be clear that I cannot properly evaluate the relevance of a theoretical framework outside of the context of the research. So, do not just submit the theoretical framework section. Submit the entire paper to date.  Though prior sections will not be graded as part of this week’s assignment, prior issues should be addressed so that the paper to date reflects logically coherent section


I am attaching the final paper format.


For this paper and the research I am interested in the following:

the effectiveness of 2nd generation psychotropic medication in african american men diagnosed with schizophrenia.  I want to focus on how the 2nd generation meds affect the positve symtpoms.  

Okay now in reading this…this sound qualitative and not quanitative.  so I am thinking if i change something to add in like whether or not there is a positive correlation between 2nd generation meds and active symptoms of schizophrenia in african american males.  

For week 7 you would have to include information in the introduction, research problem, research purpose, variables and hypotheses and theoretical framework.  (the final paper guidelines) gives instructions on how lone each section is suppoed to be. Let me know what the amount would be for this week. 

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