Gender differences analysis in depression


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Gender: Psychological Perspectives . Focus on the gender-related differences and similarities in issues related to health, including the incidence, mortality rates, diagnoses, and prognoses for various health issues; lifestyle and behavioral differences that lead to and/or possibly prevent health problems, and issues related to health delivery systems.

Focus on depression and its gender-related differences, and explore this health issue in some depth. Consider the following elements in your analysis :



What are the differences between genders in the incidence, mortality rate, diagnosis, and prognosis of depression?

What are the gender-related lifestyle and behavioral differences that lead to and prevent depression? What influence might gender have on how men and women are treated by health care professionals and the health care system when it relates to depression?


The assignment (1–3 pages):



Briefly describe the mental health issue depression . Compare (similarities and differences) the following factors for men and women:


The incidence, mortality rate, diagnosis, and prognosis of depression

The lifestyle and behavior differences that lead to and/or may prevent depression

Issues related to health care access, diagnosis, and treatment by health care professionals Finally, summarize your paper by discussing your insights on gender differences and your thoughts about how these gender differences might impact individuals from each gender, the health care system, and society as a whole.

However, for this assignment you needed to discuss the actual female/male roles within both cultures. Gender roles are what the man and woman are expected to do as their gender, in their culture, in these situations (i.e. women work and raise the child in marriage, men are expected to be the protector) when it comes to depression I would like to see more specifics on gender roles, not just cultural norms on the structure of these relationships. Be very specific in your writing.

Make sure you put proper citations in all parts of your paper. In addition, make sure you put psychology theories from resources that link your analysis. Scholarly research should support your experiences and opinions



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