health homework

Personal Impact Paper
“Real-life” research paper-  Students are required to write a paper on a health topic that has directly influenced or impacted his/her family or personal experience.  The topic must have a cover page and a reference page (MLA format). Suggestions- paper will be at least 6 pages in length (4 pages of content) and be typed in 12 point font and be double spaced.  Margins will not be larger than 1 inch top, bottom and sides.  Fifty percent of the paper will describe why this topic has made a personal impact on you and what the student hopes to learn by researching this topic. The second half (fifty percent) of the content will be dedicated to investigative research of this topic and must include proper citations along with a reference page.  Students must cite at least two resources in the paper.  Examples may be: alcohol and drug abuse, violence, mental health issues, family history of disease or personal ailments/conditions, food choices. obesity, eating disorders, exercise, culture and health topics, pregnancy, STIs, stress 6 pages

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