In the following scenario students will identify the psychological issues experienced by law enforcement officers and their families in a given scenario and describe the roles a psychologists plays within law enforcement. Students will write a paper with a minimum of 3 written pages of text (not to include the cover or reference pages), using APA format that must include at least two credible academic sources in their paper in addition to assigned class readings.


Scenario: As a police psychologist, you are part of an investigation into the homicide of a high profile community member, the mayor. The information you received from the department is that the victim was found with a single gunshot wound to the head. He was last seen with another notable figure at a nearby restaurant. You learn that before becoming the mayor, the deceased was the chief of your department and was very close to many administrators and officers.

Your paper must address the following topics:

 Identify and explain the various roles you would play in this investigation, including not only your roles as an investigator, evaluator and counselor but as a trainer as well.Explain the purpose and use of a psychological autopsy. Explain why it would it be advantageous to use this procedure in this investigation.Describe the steps taken in conducting a psychological autopsy, including examples of the types of data and information you would be collecting about the deceased from family members and friends. Explain what information would be presented in the written report and why this information is important.Identify the psychological issues that the officers and their families might experience. How would the results of your written report affect these individuals? As the police psychologist, how would you address the psychological and emotional needs of the officers and families of the department?

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