PSY 250 Week 2 Psychoanalytic Personality Assessment

Write a 1050 – 1,250 word paper discussing “defense mechanisms” in psychoanalytic theory.


1. Select any three (3) defense mechanisms from the list below.

Reaction formation








For each mechanism :

a. Define and Explain the nature of this mechanism.

b. Discuss a time when you may have used this mechanism. If you cannot do this, give an example of someone else using the mechanism, based on your own observations. (In other words, do not simply copy an example from a published source.) 

c. Explain how this mechanism protects the ego.  What are the underlying psychological conflicts that evoke this mechanism?


2. Discuss why ego-defense mechanisms may be helpful (or adaptive) in some situations and harmful (or dysfunctional) in others.

3. Analyze the relationships between personality traits and “defense mechanisms”?  How would Jung, and Adler explain how defense mechanisms contribute to personality?


In addition to the textbook , you must use academically appropriate resources from the UOPX Library  in this paper. General web resources are not approved for this assignment.


Include an introduction and conclusion in your paper.


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Refer to the APA Sample Paper  available in the Center for Writing Excellence for a detailed visual guide to APA formatting.



Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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