Psychology Post Respones

Respond personally to 2 different posts. Each response should be between 200-250 words. No Format required. 


Post 1: I have both experienced knowing someone with a disorder and living with a disorder. Three years ago I was diagnosed with Manic Depression, now known as bipolar disorder. I would have days where I was going a mile a minute, talking quickly, and jumping from idea to idea. Then there would be days where I had no interest in anything, barely ate, and pretty much wanted to stay in bed all day. During my high, or manic, days I was actively participating in activities and hanging out with friends. When I was in one of my depressive moods, I would keep more to myself and almost close myself off to human contact. For the people that didn’t know me very well, i.e. people I work with, they just thought my manic days were my “good days” and my depressed days were “bad ones”. Their thoughts were, “everyone has a bad day”. If you ask people that I am really close to in my life, i.e. friends and family, they knew that something was wrong. I was retreating into myself and my attitude had changed. One of my closest friends, who I consider a sister, who is also affected by a disorder, described it as “me spiraling down into a dark place”. It can be a scary situation, but since I’ve started psychotherapy and taking medication, my outlook has drastically changed.

 Post 2:   Mental disorders are a big thing in Los Angeles. What I mean is, that there are a lot of homeless people in Los Angeles. A large population of homeless live on Skid row. Skid row is basically blocks of people living on the street. A large number of homeless people in Los Angeles have mental disorders like Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. These individuals are not being medically treated so their symptoms increase with drug or alcohol use. While having to go to missions, shelters, or ask people for money for food; they are looked doen upon. People always say that we should help the homeless but don’t even want them to touch you when you hand them a dollar or two. The text says because of a person’s bipolar disorder their temperment may make them violent or angry, happy, in extreme. (Soomo,8.2)  Schizophrenia can also be a violent disorder when gone untreated. In this situation I am unsure what effects the homeless with mental disorders more; having the disease; being homeless; or people looking down on them for being homeless with a mental disorder.


I really really enjoyed this class and meeting all of you through discussion post. I wish everyone well in there courses to be learned, and taught.


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