Review the following in the Learning Resources:

Review the following in the Learning Resources:
  “Reducing Bias in Language” (pp. 70–77) ) in the course text, Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

Review the “Ethical Issues to Anticipate” section (pp. 87–92) in the course text, Research Design, as well as the course text, On Being a Scientist.

Review the Ethical Standards and Diversity Standards for your discipline.

Consider the following scenarios. Select one scenario on which to base your posting.
  Scenario 1: A researcher has a deep religious faith. Part of this faith is the belief that same-sex relationships are against God and God’s teachings. The researcher is part of a research team working together on a grant-funded project focusing on adjustment of children raised in families with same-sex parents. The researcher has been tasked with completing a major part of the literature review related to the topic. What advice would you give the researcher for remaining unbiased while reviewing the literature?   Scenario 2: A researcher has a younger brother serving in the Army in Iraq, and the family is extremely proud of the brother’s patriotism. Sadly, the brother was recently killed when the army vehicle he was in was bombed. As a result, the researcher has developed a strong dislike and distrust of people from the Middle East and Muslims in general. During the course of setting up interviews for the researcher’s study, the researcher discovers that some people of Middle Eastern heritage are included in the participant base. What advice would you give the researcher for putting aside personal beliefs in order to remain an objective and ethical researcher?

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 a 2-paragraph explanation of the advice you would give the researcher in one of the scenarios above. Note that this is not a forum for you to post your personal beliefs about lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender individuals, religion, the military, or any other topics .

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