In order for one to fully understand and accurately critically examine cultural influences and other aspects of society it is imperative that a person understands how he/she fits into society and his/her contributed role. This emphasis was well executed in week one. In the weeks to follow you were encourage to understand the relevance of sociology in the perspective lenses of the micro and macro levels in the current world issues and practices while distinguishing the common differences between cultures and social structure as they relate to geographical boundary interaction within organized groups to the individual personal view.  Lastly, the prominence of social and economic equalities and injustice was explained in relation to gender and race and the development of society to the status quo of an individual within society.  In this week’s assignment, you are encouraged to combine all learned information while explaining and comparing your perspective of sociology in relation to another country’s society. 

Activity Instructions
Create a PowerPoint presentation comparing a country of your choice with the United States. Your presentation should include a critical examination of the following: Cultural Influences Social Inequalities – Race, Ethnicity, Gender Social Institutions – Family, Religion, Education Social Control – Deviance Economic System – Capitalism, Socialism, or Mixed Economy

Remember that this is a visual presentation, so avoid development of a “Read Aloud” PowerPoint. Utilize the Notes section to develop script/narrative. You should draw on a minimum of 3 credible sources and use APA Style to implement in-text citations as applicable.

Keep the focus on visual design (self-made charts, graphics, visual aids) and avoid cutesy or cartoonish clip art. Instead, utilize real-life visual representations (ie: screen captures, relevant and meaningful photos/illustrations).

Presentation Requirements 10-12 slides in length, not including Title and References slides Title slide (with your name, class info, and presentation title) References slide Minimum of 3 scholarly sources At least 28-point font  on slides that use text (other than headers) Be creative!

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