Socio-emotional Development

Socio-emotional Development classThese video clips discuss how internet exposure affects socio-emotional development. Please write in complete sentences and be sure to answer all parts of the question. Your paper should be at least ~3/4 page in length, single-spaced and written in 12-pt, Times New Roman font with 1” margins. Turn your finished assignment into TurnItIn no later than 11:59 pm, April 4th.  Grammar and spelling – 3 points

1. What are some of the positive and negative consequences of internet exposure for children’s social development    (give at least 3 examples of each)? (6 points)

2. In chapter 8 of your textbook, we discuss the differences between friends and peers. Define both friend and peer. (4 points) Would most “friends” on social networking sites be considered friends, peers, or neither? Why or why not? How do you choose your online “friends”? (6 points)

 3. Being “wired” into technology can influence cognitive and brain development. One aspect of cognition that the internet seems to affect is task switching (i.e., ability to multi-task). Does it appear to increase or decrease one’s ability to multi-task? Give evidence from the videos that support your answer. (5 points) How would you rate your own multi-tasking abilities? (3 points) How does internet exposure affect brain activation? (3 points)


Watch the following chapters from PBS Frontline’s specials Growing Up Online and Digital Nation:

  Growing Up Online:

Chapter 1 – Chapter 3 – 0:00-23:30


Chapter 6 – 39:15-49:35

Digital Nation:

Chapter 2 – chapter 3 – 8:30-26:02


Chapter 6 – 41:36-52:02

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