Submit Assignment: Research Brief Topic


Choose a topic involving aging and physical, social, or spiritual health that is interesting to you and use the library resources to locate at least six peer-reviewed journal articles published in from 2005-2015 that report the results of specific research.  Broad topics (e.g., Older Adults and Nutrition, Older Adult Withdrawal) will not be approved and you will need to submit an alternative for review.  This research brief should include detailed information regarding recent research on a narrow topic (e.g., Calcium Intake of Older Women, Impact of Social Isolation on Widowers).


Submit the topic you have chosen in the Research Brief Topic section on Blackboard.  Provide the following in a Word document and attach to your assignment:


1.     Specific topic for the project.


2.     A paragraph describing your personal interest in this topic.


3.     APA citations for two articles you plan to use for the brief.  (Do not submit annotated bibliographies at this point.  They are due during Week 5.)




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