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Topic: Setting Your Career Targets Prior to Starting a Career Search

This post should contain 3 paragraphs:

Paragraph 1: Career Target. Describe the job that you feel is ideal for you right now. One that matches your qualifications, meets your salary and work environment expectations, and provides a challenging opportunity. (You may have more than one in mind but focus on one job for this assignment.) 

Paragraph 2: Stretch Target. Describe the “hard-to-get” dream job that you would like to get in the future. It might be one that is highly competitive, has exceptional salary benefits packages, or is in another desirable location. 
. Paragraph 3: Contingency Target. Describe your “back-up plan.” This job would be one you could easily get; it could even be one for which you are overqualified or for which you have a reliable, available contact. It is your “safe bet” and not your first choice for salary or work environment.   


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