Essential Psychology for Managers


Essential Psychology for Managers


Assignment  (2000 words):



Your individual poster book needs to be based on one of the case studies distributed in the sessions


Links to articles (choose one of these two):


Chrisafis, A. (2009) France: stress and worker suicides mean the future’s not bright at Orange, Guardian, 18 September [online]. Available at: (Accessed: 10 April 2013).



Viney, M. (2008) Happy Talk, Guardian, 6 September [online]. Available at: (Accessed: 10 April 2013).



The situation needs to be discussed and analysed using 3 relevant psychological topics and theories that were discussed between the weeks 8-12 to explain what is happening (personality, leadership, social influences, stress and wellbeing, communication and/or conflict handling).


Make recommendations based on theories discussed.


The poster book should be in A4 format and be structured like a report. You can use diagrams, picture, tables, or other illustrations to showcase your understanding of psychological theories and concepts.








Present in poster book format (recommended structure)


Introduction to case study and theories

Discussion of relevant theories and concepts

Analysis using 3 theories

Recommendations based on theories

References in Harvard Style





Marking criteria:


Extend to which you have researched psychological topics (minimum 5 references)

Extent to which you demonstrate that you understand relevant psychological theories

Extent to which you have analysed the incident and linked it with relevant psychological theories

Appropriate use of academic citations and professional presentation

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