Garden Path

Try your hand at interpreting one of the “garden path” sentences below (remember that a garden path sentence is one that starts sound like it is going to mean one thing and then ends leaving you believing it means another). Don’t worry if some of the sentences don’t seem to make sense–you’ve been garden pathed!



The prime number few.
The cotton clothing is usually made of grows in Mississippi.
Until the police arrest the drug dealers control the street.
The man who hunts ducks out on weekends.
When Fred eats food gets thrown.
Mary gave the child the dog bit a bandaid.
The girl told the story cried.
I convinced her children are noisy.
Helen is expecting tomorrow to be a bad day.
I know the words to that song about the queen don’t rhyme.
The dog that I had really loved bones.
That Jill is never here hurts.
Have the students who failed the exam take the supplementary.
The raft floated down the river sank.
We painted the wall with cracks.
The tycoon sold the offshore oil tracts for a lot of money wanted to kill JR.







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