peer reviewed

Alternative 2: Writing Assignment on Peer Reviewed Article.

Guidelines for paper.  You may read a peer-reviewed, empirical journal article and write a critical review. Your paper must be APA style (e.g., title page, no abstract, double-spaced, reference page). The paper should be 600-800 words. Please use the following organization. The first section should include a general summary of the study or studies conducted (less than 200 words). The second section should involve your critical analysis of the article (less than 600 words). Integrate information from your course into the critique of the article. You might discuss the practical significance of the research. The third section will involve your suggestions for future research in this area, based on what you have learned in your course. Please use headings in alignment with APA style (i.e., Summary, Analysis, Suggestions for Future Research). The paper will be graded based on its quality of content and alignment with APA style. Each article  may earn up to three credits  toward your research requirement. You must turn in  both your summary/analysis of the article and a pdf of the article (or link to the article if a pdf is not available)  when you submit your work for this alternative. Be sure to write your paper in your own words! Using actual phrases from the article without quotes is plagiarism. Paraphrasing sentences (e.g., substituting words here and there) is also plagiarism. Using the authors’ ideas without providing credit is also plagiarism. You also may not plagiarize your own work from another course.  Any plagiarism will result in zero credit for the assignment.

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