psychology class (personality homework)

our paper must : Be typed using 12 point font and double spaced. 1000 word minimum. It should have a proper APA title page and reference page if references are cited in your paper. APA format will be the only format accepted for referencing.  The hybrid course has more information about APA formatting and you can use the writing lab as well as review formatting guidelines on the video from week 1 or at Be sure to copy or screen print your results for you to discuss in your paper (you should have a [prt sc] function on your computer) You do not have to provide this screenshot of your results.  Must submit in the drop box before midnight.



The big five personality traits are the best accepted and most commonly used model of personality in academic psychology. The big five come from the statistical study of responses to personality items. Using a technique called factor analysis researchers can look at the responses of people to hundreds of personality items and ask the question “what is the best was to summarize an individual?”. This has been done with many samples from all over the world and the general result is that, while there seem to be unlimited personality variables, five stand out from the pack in terms of explaining a lot of a persons answers to questions about their personality: extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness and openness to experience. 

There are many different measures of the big five personality traits. This test uses the Big-Five Factor Markers from the International Personality Item Pool, developed by Goldberg (1992). 

Your paper should focus specifically on these 5 traits and how you feel you fit into each one (Extraversion, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, Agreeableness, Openness)

Discuss the validity and reliability of The Big Five Personality Test (You’ll need to do some research on how reliable and how valid this test really is to address this question)

When i took my personality test i scored the highest on Extraversion( which i already knew i was), Agreeableness and openess.  Im a military vet and a police officer if that helps.  Im big on family, sports and hunting if that helps.  


let me know if you can write my paper or need additional information.


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