$8 Psychology HW

We have learned a lot about the functioning of the neuron in this chapter. Please explain how the neural signal is conducted differently in a myelinated axon versus in an unmyelinated axon. What implications could the presence or absence of myelin have for our cognitive abilities? Also, Science Daily reported that an artificial functioning synapse has been created ( http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/04/110421151921.htm). In your opinion, will we ever have complete understanding of the human brain? What human characteristic or ability will indicate that we have created a working, artificial brain? 
Discussion posts should be at least 400 words


Drug addiction is a serious problem in this country and around the world. Compare the hazards of one legal and one illegal addictive drug. Be sure to discuss issues involved with tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, addiction, and physical dependence for both drugs you selected. What does your comparison suggest? If you could redraft the current legislation related to drug abuse in the light of what you have learned about drug addiction, what changes would you make? Do you think that ALL drugs, including nicotine and alcohol, should be illegal? Now make a reasonable recommendation for improving the ways in which this country deals with the problem of drug addiction. Why is drug addiction such a difficult disease to fight, even when addicts know they have a problem and want to stop using drugs?  
Discussion posts should be at least 400

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