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Behavioral Pattern of Different Individuals

Conflict theory often overlaps labeling theory. Both theories provide an explanation of behavior in the context of trying to approach with some form of functionalism. When looking at behavior, one must ascertain how individuals are able to function. Police officers must understand the behavioral pattern of different individuals.

On the other hand, the Classical School of Criminology provides much of the basis of the criminal justice system as it functions today. However, sociology is still divided among many theoretical models such as ecological models, learning theories, anomie theories, and social control theories. To study deviant behavior, researchers suggest two different points of view on collecting such data, the positivists and constructivists. The positivists use the scientific methods for studying deviance whereas the constructivists study the enforcement, and violation of socially constructed rules.

Historically, women and African-Americans have been treated as property. However, when they began working outside of the household, equality was still seen as taboo. In looking at today’s criminal justice system, there are still challenges when minorities are compared to their Caucasian counterparts. However, there are puzzling questions that criminologists and criminal justice practitioners are yet to understand. In looking at conflict, labeling, feminist, and anomie theories, how can deviance be explained when crime rates for minorities continue to rise? Take a look at the following groups and give your explanation as to why deviance and crime are continuing to rise:WomenAfrican-AmericansNative AmericansLatinos

Do you feel that the above groups have been unfairly categorized?


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