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The purpose of this assignment is to gather specific and detailed information about a career or occupation. The better informed you are about your occupation prospects, the better you can focus you resources. Select an occupation that you plan to seek employment in after your bachelor’s degree. Next, locate information about the occupation. For quick reference open the Occupations List document from Doc Sharing and examine the list. Another great source is the Occupational Outlook Handbook from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Finally, after selecting an occupation, identify the following information for your paper: Description Title Typical responsibilities or duties associated with the occupation Nature of the work, e.g., history/ context of the occupation, related occupations, sector, etc. Qualifications Educational, certificate, or training? Which majors or courses best prepare an individual for this occupation? What skills are associated with this occupation? Are there specific or special requirements for the occupation? Advancement and Outlook What are the advancement opportunities associated with this occupation? What is the turnover rate? What is the employment forecast or estimated growth for this occupation? What organizations/ companies employ individuals in this occupation? Salary and Benefits What is the potential salary range? What benefits are generally associated with this occupation?


Please present your Career Search Report as a narrative – complete sentences and paragraphs. This allows you to practice professional communication practices. Reports with incomplete sentences or structured in bullet points or phrases will receive a score of zero.

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