I need a help in my psychology homework. it’s a self reflection between1-2 pages. 




Interested in learning more about the concepts of authentic happiness and signature strengths?  The University of Pennsylvania’s Authentic Happiness website describes research and practice based on the model and Seligman’s newer model of well-being.  If you register at the site (no cost), you can also take many questionnaires for free including the VIA Character Strengths test a 240 question measure that will give you a very detailed look at your Signature Strengths.  The 24 item Brief Strengths test is much less informative.




In the Chapter on Happiness, Wiseman describes several writing exercises (e.g., Thanksgiving, Terrific Times, Future Fantastic, etc) that have been linked to improved mood and well-being.  For this assignment, complete at least two of the writing exercises on alternate days and respond to the questions below:


1.  Discuss the impact (positive or negative) of the writing exercises on your immediate mood and also on mood when reviewing the experience of doing the exercise (4 points).





2.  What other strategies or skills have you implemented as a way of improving your sense of well-being (3 points)?





3.  Some critics of positive psychology take issue with the focus on well-being and mood.  Share your own views about what you have learned so far about the psychology of happiness and its focus on active efforts to improve mood (3 points).


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