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School K 


Personal Statement

•               Applicants are expected to address the following questions in their personal statement:

1.                              Please discuss the ways in which you have managed personal and professional sources of conflict and stress in your life.

2.                              Please discuss your personal strengths and limitations including those with respect to diversity and difference.

3.                              Please discuss a social issue that is important to you and things you have done or might wish to do to address it.

4.                              Please discuss personal and professional experiences that have influenced your decision about a career in social work.

5.       Please describe anything that has the potential to affect your ability to complete the academic and internship requirements of the MSW program.



          Education has always been a main priority in my life. As I wish to continue my graduate education at “school K” and hope to join the Master program of Social Work. Social Work has been a career choice that will let me expand in my future endeavors also help my community and make a difference in Society.

        Being the youngest child in my family, there was a lack of emotional support from my parents. Most of the time I was compared to my other sibling, and not recognized by my own achievements. As I completed my undergrad in Psychology at “school K “my stress level was very high from attending school and work at the same time. In a professional matter working in a hospital setting since my high school years, I have experience sources of conflict with people. As I worked with people with bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, suicidal thoughts and other mental illness I was able to see the effects of each illness. This has made an impact on me to help, show encouragement, support, and also be understanding that this person is going through a difficult time. I managed to control my stress level from a psychology undergrad course that taught stress reliever techniques in a professional work setting and transition it to my personal matters. Stress reliever techniques that help such as taking a walk around the park, playing my favorite sport, taking a break has enhance both my physical and mental health.

          In the profession of Social Work being open-minded on the diversity of our society and the differences of people is very important. I look at all aspects of a situation and set aside my opinion because we might not share the same cultural beliefs. My other personal strength that is very important to me as a person is showing integrity and be honest to yourself and others. Also, showing persistency and finishing what you have started, vitality and approaching life with a positive energy, and kindness showing people I care and want to help them.  One of my limitations that hold me back at times is telling someone “NO”. I find myself always helping a friend or a family member when in need because I want to show them I’m there to help but also I need to realize they need a boost and not a secretary.

          Social issues that are important to me and that I’m facing now with clients is Homelessness. There are so many people at one point in there life that has brought them to this situation of becoming homeless and they don’t know what to do and think that this is the end for them. Having a short time professional experience has brought to my attention they need encouragement, a voice, and someone who they can go to for problem solving.   I have had clients who were homeless or at risk. My goal is to find as much resources to refer them such as rental assistance, job opportunities, furniture or clothing assistance, shelters to help my client to become stable with there family. I’ve had a situation were a client was living in a hotel with their family because the client was evicted from there housing. It was a very hard time for the client because it led to depression and not being able to provide for the family. I was able to refer the client to emergency housing. In issue with homelessness is most of the time the funds go by very quickly. It very import to ensure the person and to encourage them take this time to help to get them back on their own and letting them realize it’s not a long-term situation in most cases.

           What has influenced my decision about a career in social work has been based on my personal and professional experiences. A personal experience was friend of mine was kicked out of her house with two kids and lived back with her mother. My friend was a full time student not working at the moment. She was unhappy to be living back with her mother I assured her it was not going to be long-term. I encouraged her to finish school she had a few months left, also encourage her to get housing assistance. Although, I guided her in a direction, I also self promoted her to do things on her own because not always you will have a hand. She was able to move out from her mother’s house, stable herself with her kids, and also finish school. She was very much appreciated and felt like a super mom. A professional experience helping those from a hospital setting who come in and at one point is discharge also needs help outside of the hospital. This is why I think a big part of social work is to initiate the problem and set a goal time period. Social work is about helping those who are in trouble and helping them put the puzzle pieces back together.

              I am very serious about my education. I would like to complete the extended option of the MSW program to fulfill my academic and internship requirements. I will be working on my time management to complete the program while working full-time to gain more experience in my field. I am certain becoming a social worker is the right choice for me and studying at (school K) is the best decision for achieving this.

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