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You have to choose client from bible with real story….



Case Presentation and Treatment/Counseling Planning

I. Identifying Information(내담자 정보)

(First initial, age, gender, culture/ethnicity, religion, level of education, work setting etc.)

II. Clinical Impression including Mental Status Assessment( 심리상태를 포함한 임상적 평가)

(Description of the client’s appearance, behavior, speech etc. if you are working with a family

then you will need to do for each member as well as for the family unit (where they sit, how they

are interacting as they walk in etc.)

III. Presenting Problems including Chief Complaints (symptoms) (문제증상들이 주로 표현되는


(The presenting problem may be, “My husband died.” The chief complaints may be, “I can’t

sleep, and I have lost the will to live.” This area is identified as the client sees the problems and

relates his/her symptoms or complaints. Also includes the client’s thoughts as to why the

problems or symptoms are present at this time. Recent cries? )

IV. History-original family, social, mental health and medical history ( 내담자의 원가족사,

사회사, 정신적/ 의료적 기록들)

Description of childhood, adolescence, adulthood including marriage, children, other

relationships etc. History of family and any medical and psychological problems. Chronic

illnesses or complaints, operations, hospitalizations, medication and dosage, over the counter

medications, herbal supplements, caffeine, alcohol, illicit drug intake? Previous and current

interaction with medical and mental health personnel. Include alternative medical treatment(

chiropractor, massage, acupuncture etc.)

V. Treatment Planning (치료 계획)

VI. Counseling Planning ( 상담계획)

Client’s main problem:

Counseling goal:

Total number of session: 6

1. Session #1

Area I intend to work:



2. Session#2

Area I intend to work:



3. Session#3

Area I intend to work:



4. Session#4

Area I intend to work:



5. Session#5

Area I intend to work:



6. Session #6

Area I intend to work:



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