A Work Discussion Board


Question 1 (125 Words)


1.     After becoming familiar with some of the topics in your textbook, pick a research methodology and discuss the type of study you would conduct and what research methodology you would utilize? (125 Words)


Question 2 (125 Words)


2.     Fundamental attribution errors tend to be prevalent once we start to look for them. The aim of this discussion post is for you to apply terms from social psychology to your everyday life. In this discussion post, you will report on at least one instance of the fundamental attribution error. The example you provide can come from your own life, the lives of others, the news media, or from a movie or television show. 

Specifically, in this discussion post, you will:


·        Describe the situation that you are using as an example of the fundamental attribution error.


·        Explain how this situation is an example of the fundamental attribution error.


·        Discuss how you can take steps to avoid making the error again.


Ø    Answer the following:


·        How is blaming the victim related to the fundamental attribution error?


·        What is an example of blaming the victim?


·        How does blaming the victim harm victims further?

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